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Why Should You Migrate From Squarespace to Shopify

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Studies showed that most eCommerce business owners switched to Shopify in 2019. Also, we might see this trend in 2022. Hence, we constantly advise utilizing Shopify stores. Squarespace is not a poor location for businesses with a limited product offering to start, but you will eventually run into hindrances when attempting to expand your firm. Migration is what you would do if you have a Squarespace store and want to switch to Shopify.

Let’s start by examining the need to migrate from Squarespace to Shopify in the following article!

What is the need for migration?

Given the variety of options, you might wonder which eCommerce site is appropriate for you. Website owners frequently transition from one eCommerce platform to another. Whether your company is online or offline, you need to be familiar with website owners like Shopify, BigCommerce, WordPress, and Magento. Consider that you already utilize one of the platforms like Squarespace. In such a scenario, you may want to think about moving to Shopify since it can assist you in creating an excellent website that ensures your items’ online presentation matches their offline excellence.

What kind of data needs to be migrated?

The migration process involves moving data from one platform, such as Squarespace, to another, such as Shopify. One of the top concerns for online business owners is what data can be transferred to Shopify. Now let’s look at the kind of data that is sent to this platform.

Product data: Product data includes the name of the product, a detailed description, any product photos that are included in reports, pricing, a related URL, any unique variations, the product’s SKU, the manufacturer, and information about its stock levels.

Order Data: You may transfer all order information, including order ID, creation date, status, ordered goods’ prices, total quantity, subtotal of costs, tax price, delivery price, and customer name, plus billing and shipping addresses.
Customer data: As part of the Shopify data migration, your current customers’ first- and last names, contact information, order histories, addresses, and other data will be moved.

Content of pages: You may move the content of your store’s critical pages, including the home page, contact us and about us pages, certain key blogs, and other crucial pages.

Other information: You may move other important information like testimonials, deals, and coupons.

Comparison of Squarespace vs. Shopify

Shopify’s design is more extensive than Squarespace’s. While both systems allow you to add applications to your shop to increase its functionality, Shopify offers a larger collection of apps, especially for eCommerce companies. This comprises applications for shipping, marketing, and other services.

Another significant distinction is that Shopify provides customer service around-the-clock, whereas Squarespace only does so during regular work hours. This is crucial if you need assistance resolving a problem with your business or have queries about how to use the platform.

Squarespace is a general-purpose website with e-commerce functions as an add-on, whereas Shopify is a specialist eCommerce platform. This indicates that Shopify has more capabilities and tools to assist businesses in selling products and services online.

Therefore, Shopify is a superior choice for companies looking to sell products online. It provides additional tools to help businesses.

Why is Shopify better than Squarespace?

One of the best ecommerce builders is Shopify. It is simple to use and offers a wide range of features and apps that allow you to sell on many platforms.

Payment methods

Squarespace is outdone by Shopify in terms of payments. It enables over 100 other alternatives in addition to all the popular payment processors like Square, Amazon Pay, and even cryptocurrencies. Squarespace doesn’t have many options in payments. PayPal, Stripe, and Apple Pay are the only gateways it supports, which is quite restrictive.


With Shopify, shipping goes without a hitch. Delivering your goods is made simple with drop shipment, built-in connection with NHL or UPS, and printable shipping labels. In this case, Squarespace just cannot compete with Shopify.

Play Stores

There aren’t many applications accessible at Squarespace’s app store, Squarespace Extensions, so your options will be constrained. On the other hand, Shopify boasts one of the largest app stores available. It offers a third-party integration for virtually any ecommerce need. Even more, integrating each app is a breeze.

Therefore, all the above reasons make Shopify superior to Squarespace.

Why migrate to Shopify from Squarespace?

The key considerations for moving your store to Shopify are listed below.

Integration of apps

For Shopify, integration with applications enables customization and scaling. The seller may easily add extra features to his store, making it a great value and good for selling. Additionally, the platform enables you to upload and change your themes.


Known for providing merchants with complete insight into their business through metrics, reports, analytics, and more, Shopify is a well-known brand. Shopify store also provides an online dashboard where you can always see the status of your store. With some dashboard options, you can even track your views and purchasers on Shopify and follow your orders with smartphone alerts.

Simple Payment

Finding a reliable and effective payment gateway is of utmost importance for an online business. Shopify is a wonderful alternative if you need a service that provides your consumers with various payment methods for your pricing strategy. Setting up the payment portal is made simple for business owners that prevent customers from making transactions with additional costs.

Customization of a Store from Scratch

Due to the pre-built template editor, Shopify design gives you the option to modify your store after you make that decision. You may change the sections, fonts, and colors in this menu. You can quickly customize this user-friendly interface, essential for marketing your new product or hosting a flash sale.


Shopify website design protects your customer’s financial and personal information to ensure their security. The Shopify platform is dependable and safe, thanks to limitless bandwidth and a built-in SSL certificate.

IT-Geeks is the Top Migration Expert

IT-Geeks is a business with a team of intellectuals who are young and engaged. The testimonies of our more than 91 thousand content and grateful customers worldwide demonstrate the degree of effort we put into serving our clients. Awarded for being the “Most Viewed” and “Highest-Ranked E-Commerce Website,” we work hard to actively assist you in growing your brand online.

How can IT-Geeks help in performing the Migration?

If you hire IT-Geeks, your online business will reach its full potential. IT-Geeks offers a wide range of services, including Shopify store setup and redesign, Shopify customization, web page speed optimization, store migration, and SEO.


Shopify provides more options for business as compared to Squarespace as we have seen above. Start using Shopify in a way that is far simpler than you could have ever imagined. The transfer process is streamlined with the help of IT-Geeks’ Shopify professionals. Additionally, compared to selling, transferring things should always take the least amount of time. Contact our group of professionals right away!

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